5 tips for making your home cosy

This is something that I've been really keen to do since we've been moving into the colder months of the year. Our own home has a grey/yellow colour scheme and this can sometimes make the house feel light & airy. This is great for sprint & summer, but now we're in the winters months I'm dying to make my home feel cosy & welcoming. 

I've been doing some research across Pinterest & Instagram to see what kind of decor is frequently appearing in cosy homes. 


1. Increase the amount of warm lighting in your space

I've found this one has helped us massively in our home. The addition of candles and swapping out any of the 'cool' bulbs for 'warm' ones really helps here. You can see in the photo above that we've got 2 hurricane vases & an oil burner and it automatically made it felt cosier for our movie nights!

Buying more candles would be a cheaper way to go as it's unlikely that you want to be swapping your bulbs out frequently. You might find that some spot lights give you the option to change the warmth of your light quite easily, and this is something we can do with ours. Please see article.


2. Add some colour to the room with plants

Plants make a room feel like it has life in it, but most importantly they add that warming colour. This can be done in a few different ways, and if you're a plant killer (like me), I'd suggest going with the third option:

1. Buy some flowers (these only tend to last 7 days, so there is less care involved in looking after them)

2. Buy house plants. You can find these to be really cheap in your local supermarket. 

3. Buy faux flowers/plants. This option seems to be very popular with a lot of people. This is my personal favourite as there is no long-term care. They just sit there, looking pretty. 


 3. Add some textiles to your space

By this, I mean adding a rug, throws & pillows. Rugs are more commonly used on wooden or tiled floorings so if you've got carpet then I think you're set for this one. I find having carpet in a room already makes it feel more cosy, whereas wooden flooring can make the place feel more cool. In my case, I like to fill up my sofa with a cosy blanket and hundreds of throw pillows. 

You'll tend to find your local supermarket shops have a lovely selection of throw pillows & blankets (I tend to go to Sainsbury's). This helps ensuring that you remain on budget without having to spend some ridiculous amount of money on home decor. You can also make it part of your weekly shop!


4. Add books

This one is going to seem a little odd, but it really does seem to work. Whether these are novels or home books, anything will work. 

You often see a lot of people stacking a few up (as seen in the hero photo of this blog post). Otherwise, you also see bookshelves of books. Either of these will work & if you're already a self-confessed book worm, this will be the perfect opportunity to cosy-up your home! 


5. Hanging artwork & mirrors

 This tip really is a winner for me. It's one of the more expensive ventures, but it definitely works. We've only just recently started adding photos, clocks & mirrors to our wall and it already feels more cosy. 

If you're looking at doing this, then I'd suggest looking at any of your blank walls and think about what you'd like to add here. A big trend I'm seeing at the moment is gallery walls. It's picking artwork that works well together & assorting them randomly across your wall. If this however isn't possible with your wall space, hanging your personal favourite pieces of artwork will work just as well. 

If you have any other examples, or you'd like to share with us what you've done to make your home cosy, add a comment! We'd love to see what you've done with your space.