Our Top 5 Rustic Christmas Picks

Seeing as we love rustic styling, I thought I'd share some of our top picks for Christmas this year. 

1. Merry Christmas Sign

This sign has been popular with a lot of you, we actually sold out of these within a few days of them arriving on site. We're hoping these come back into stock soon!

The reasons I love this sign is the gorgeous detail on the variety of house designs, I think it's a real expression of cottage style living and represents a feeling of community as well. It also has some nice additions of fencing/railings as well as th stunning bottle brush Christmas tree. 

2. Rustic Bell Bauble

Like the Merry Christmas sign, we sold out of these quickly but managed to get more in stock. This cream rustic bell has foliage with berries & pinecones on top which is what adds the Christmas accent to it. It's around 8cm in diameter so would fit well on a relatively wide tree. 

3. Jeff The Nutcracker Candle

Jeff is one of our newest additions to our Christmas collection this year & I love him. He comes pre-packaged with a little craft note added ready to be given as a gift. This candle has lovely detailing to the suit & is so well made. Jeff is 11.5cm in height & 5.5cm in width and is perfect as a stocking stuffer. Whether you buy him for your own home or as a gift, Jeff is brilliant. 

4. Silver Car Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament

The cutest ever car there ever was. What a quirky little ornament to add to your tree this year. I personally love the detailing that comes on this ornament, the snow the wreath on the bonnet of the car & then the bottle brush tree on top - it's all just so sweet. We've even got a few of these hanging on our own tree! This ornament is 9cm in height and 7cm in width so is great for any tree size!

5. Rustic Set of Bark Candle Holders

These bark candle holders come in a set of two assorted designs. One with the star (as seen above) and one with a heart. These are £9.99 for the set with free postage & packaging! They're about 10cm in height with a rustic metal handle. They hold tea-lights so look lovely when trying to make your living area cosy in the evenings!