Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas

It's almost time to put our Christmas trees up & I know that some of you would have already done so (I really don't blame you, Christmas decs make me so happy!).

I thought I'd spread some suggestions on making your Christmas a little more rustic, with some item suggestions. 




Adding garland to your home over Christmas means you can bring Christmas to every room in the house. It's a cheap and easy way to decorate each room. You can either buy garland (there are lots of ideas to choose from, my personal favourite is a white berry eucalyptus spray), or you can make your own. This is a great activity to do with your children or partner this lockdown. 


Wicker Christmas Tree Skirts

I love these! Wicker is a fantastic way to bring the rustic feel to your home & why not do this at Christmas? You can find these in so many different shades & they're easy to find on Amazon. 

I'd love to sell these, but unfortunately we're still in start up phase - so there is still next year!




Woodland Themed Christmas Tree Toppers

I know a lot of people going with a woodland theme with their tree this year & I have to say it's a lovely touch. We all know that pinecones make such a gorgeous decoration, so why not add them to your tree? We have our very own Rustic Bell Bauble with some pinecones & foliage. It's one of my favourite stock pieces this year & they've been so popular!

If you want to do this on a budget, I'd suggest going for a long woodland walk with your family & picking up some pinecones there. You can hand make ornaments and still make your Christmas tree look gorgeous!


Rattan Homeware Pieces

These baskets are popular all year round in rustic cottages & I love them. They're great for storage & display. 

You can pick them up in a lot of high street homeware stores or any small business. We're hoping to start stocking these in the new year as they are so lovely. 

You can also look at adding rattan stars, rattan tree toppers, rattan trees for table centre pieces. There is so much to choose from!


Wood framed photos or prints

Wood framed photos are great for making your home feel rustic. The wood makes the room feel warm & cosy and can really compliment prints nicely. 

You can find framed prints in a lot of small homeware shops, but I would recommend buying the frames yourselves & finding the prints online. It'll save money this way! 


These are some of my favourite ways of making our home feel a little more rustic this Christmas. We're going for more of a woodland theme with our tree too! I just ordered our Christmas tree & wicker tree skirt last week!


Stay safe,

Nids xox